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After taking some time to research many options for an additional business to open locally, without hesitation I found iDealFurniture was most definitely the right choice. Not only has their phone and email support been outstanding, but all responses come directly from the corporate

partners; they’re always available to answer all my questions and concerns, and have been very supportive from my initial inquiry right through to coming out for my location set-up. The business model is outstanding, offering many options for every purchaser to create a business plan to best suit their specific situation. The use of any or all of the company's developed business models, including iDealFurniture, KozyFurniture, PerfectDreamer, SleepShop and Mattresstruck.biz, creates very exciting variations on setting up your own customized business. Start-up costs are minimal and even better once you’re on board; there are no ongoing fees or royalties, allowing you the opportunity to invest every dollar into your specific territory and success. If you’re in the market to start up a new business venture or even to add onto your existing business concept, I would highly recommend investing the time to research this idea. I have found the entire process with this corporate team, from the very beginning at my first contact all the way through to opening my location, to be absolutely ideal!    

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Dr. Tom Fennell, Sarver, PA

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